Every year, owners and operators of shared work spaces gather at the Global Coworking Unconference to help shape a more empowering future of work. In 2015, it was to be hosted for the first time in Canada. Yet, with less than a month to go until the event there was still much to be done.


The Project:

After a key staff person within GCUC had to resign due to unforeseen circumstances, I was engaged to support a variety of last minute event management duties. Supporting project manager Ashley Procter, I helped deliver the event on time, on budget, and with positive feedback. My roles included:




Securing & managing relationships with in-kind and financial sponsors, including: Red Bull Canada, Pelee Island Wineries, Brickworks Cider


Sourcing creative decor options and low-cost catering for three days worth of programming


Supporting direct outreach and social media engagement to Ontario's entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive conference ticket sales


Six weeks (Fall 2015)


Ashley Procter, The Foundery and GCUC Canada Chair