In response to a government commission that called for "a new type of politics in Nova Scotia", EngageNS and the Springtide Collective partnered together to identify residents' priorities for democratic reform  


The Project

Supporting Executive Director, Mark Coffin, I was engaged to help design and execute a project called Make Democracy Better. Together we designed and implemented a comprehensive province-wide consultation process, including in-person and online engagement. This led to identification of a top five set of priorities for democratic reform, including clear consensus on the need to explore alternatives to the first past the post voting system. My roles included:





Design and co-facilitation of two rounds of events (11 total events) across the province working with local community partners to prioritize policy proposals


Conducting stakeholder interviews with 20 diverse informants to guide process design and help translate insights into shareable online blogs


Establishing partnership with Ethelo Decisions to offer a space for meaningful online deliberation and engagement of broadened community


Four months (Fall 2014/ Winter 2015)


Danny Graham, Director, EngageNS

Mark Coffin, Director, Springtide Collective

Manu Kabahizi, Director, Ethelo Democracy

Marguerite Drescher, Graphic Facilitator, Brave Space