The Ontario Trillium Fund had convened a group of seven organizations to help build the youth entrepreneurship sector, requiring an unprecedented level of collaboration among partners.


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The Project:

The Collective's challenging governance structure and sheer number of decision makers involved made it difficult to identify or move forward opportunities for shared action. With just seven months left until the end of the grant cycle, I was engaged to guide the Collective. Two months later we had launched a new program supporting 24 young entrepreneurs across the province, with financial support, mentorship, training, and networking opportunities. My key activities included:


Design and facilitation of two-day retreat with all partners to develop program framework


Recruitment and support to 24 young entrepreneurs from across Ontario, including financial support, personal coaching sessions, online webinars, and in-person events


Project evaluation and development of a learning report, legacy website, and presentation for YouthRex xChange Conference


Facilitating ongoing engagement among partners to identify additional value-add opportunities for collaboration 


10 months